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Simone Keane

West Australian Music Industry Winner in TWO

categories Five Nominations!!!     "A first for a regional artist"  Nigel Bird  WAM  




Simone Keane, Nigel Bird (WAM Regional Manager) and Jess Anderson (Country Arts WA).'...accentuated by smooth and sultry vocals...her sound and tone is characterized by its storytelling intent. She weaves a wonderful tale and takes you on a journey...raised from the depths of Simone’s soul like ambient spirits rising from heart of nature itself.'    (Tony Norment, Jazz Massala)

Soulful, sassy, nostalgic. Simone Keane's timeless tunes capture a wide listening audience.  She brings old world musical styles into her new compositions.  Reflections of artist such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan are incorporated into Simone's unique blend of jazz, soul, country, folk and pop.


There is incredible dimension, depth and emotion in Simone's voice.  It is not uncommon for audience members to be moved either to tears or laughter.  "I've been told I have the ability to dramatise a song rather than just sing it.  But this happens subconsciously. I live through the story in the song".  She has been compared to performers including Eva Cassidy and Rickie Lee Jones with old world flavours of jazz blues divas Billy Holiday and Peggy Lee.


Simone latest Cd 'Burning' features her WAM awards winning tracks 'Burning' and 'Rag Doll'. It also showcases an outstanding lineup of WA and international musicians: Andrew Clermont violin, Andrew Sumner piano/keys, Tim Turnbull bass, WAJO member Bronton Ainsworth drums, Evan Holmes tenor saxophone, Joel Barter percussion, Dave Rastrick trumpet, Ashleigh Evans cello and Lez Karski lead guitar and Bob Lipinski harmonica.  'Burning' was co-produced by Simone with Lez Karski.


In 2007 Simone released her debut CD Moon Tunes (produced by Lez Karski - Bondi Cigars, Nick Cave, Midnight Oil). Honest and beautiful, Moon Tunes  is a haunting works featuring violinist Marie Limondin. Ballads such as 'Life's Ocean' and 'Spun Out' transport the listener into a world of stories about love, mystery and nature.


 Keane's musical background lies in theatre.  'I used to love escaping into the world of performance, but one day song writing took a hold of me and became less of an escape and more of an exploration of myself and human beings in general.  When there's just you and your guitar, there is no escape from who you essentially are, but in the end, we are all set free by the power of song!’


Her live performances take her audiences on several journeys. 'One minute I could be singing a lullaby, the next a high energy, sassy blues number with a touch of light opera. I love diversity in music. Rickie Lee Jones, Sarah Vaughan, Mavis Staples, Leonard Cohen, Mini Rippiton, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Sheryl Crow, PJ Harvey…too many to name - anything soul stirring and evocotive.'


Simone has performed amongst some successful well known acts including Ian Moss of Cold Chisel Fame at the 2012 Wignalls Vintage Blues festival, and Ash Grunwald during Recipe for Jam, a residency program for musicians in ALbany WA.


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